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Our intention is to make a meaningful, positive impact on everyone at our firm by fostering an inclusive culture that celebrates and values difference and empowers our people to thrive as their authentic selves.

As a strategic priority for the firm, we take a holistic approach to meeting our DEI goals and objectives to leverage the strengths of our people. Whether it is training and team building, sponsorship, mentorship, accountability through leadership or working with our clients, our core mission is to cultivate an inclusive workplace, to create more collaborative relationships, and further enhance our supportive and ambitious culture.

We have a separate DEI function which reports direct to the firm’s CEO. Our global team of diversity professionals works with our global DEI Committee comprising partners from around the world to deliver on these commitments using a strategy focused on:

Accountability   Accountability

Processes   Processes

Recruitment   Recruitment & retention

Culture   Culture

Clients   Clients

Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Year End Report 2023

Our focus areas

We prioritize cultivating an inclusive environment for all of our people. While gender, race/ethnicity, LGBTQ+ and disability are the four diversity strands that comprise our efforts globally, our regional initiatives support additional diversity strands including age and social mobility.

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Advocating for change; transforming our world

We have a long history of advocating for equity and work toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our people invest our time, talent and resources in the places where we live and work, and across our global community. Find out more about our advancing racial justice initiative, and our efforts to support and protect the rights of girls, women and LGBTQ+ individuals across the globe.

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