Sharing the journey

As a child, Audrey Park fled North Korean labor camps three times. The third attempt, through the bitter cold of the Gobi Desert, left her with severe frostbite. But she finally made it out.

Now, Audrey’s a graduate student of political science at one of the top universities in South Korea. She recently visited our Washington, D.C. office to discuss her experience and that of other refugees and defectors who’ve escaped North Korea. 

She’s also helping with a major pro bono project we’ve taken on at the request of the International Bar Association. The Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity in North Korean Political Prisons seeks to increase awareness of human rights violations in the nation and explore the barriers to accountability for such atrocities.

As a co-organizer of the inquiry, we helped host a groundbreaking hearing with testimony from three defectors – a former prisoner and two former state security officials – as well as renowned experts on North Korea’s gulags. Members of the IBA’s War Crimes Committee used our legal research and support to present the case to three judges who’ve served on some of the world’s most notable criminal courts and tribunals.

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