Settling in the open

Following more than 16 years of hard-fought litigation, we secured a $24 million racial discrimination settlement for African-American Secret Service agents.

The class settlement will ensure that future generations of African-American Secret Service special agents are evaluated under a fair promotions process, allowing best qualified agents to be chosen for promotion and leadership positions.

Hogan Lovells and Relman Dane Colfax, lawyers for the plaintiffs, were appointed by the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to represent the class of more than 100 current and former agents. The firms have spent significant time and resources to address the pervasive racial discrimination problems that have plagued the Secret Service for decades.

The settlement provides significant monetary relief for the plaintiffs who, on average, will receive well over $100,000 in compensation for the discrimination they suffered.

We won significant victories for our clients over the course of case. That includes winning class certification — which the Secret Service unsuccessfully challenged on appeal to the D.C. Circuit — and an important sanction, in which the court held that the Secret Service had deliberately destroyed documents relevant to the case and thus barred it from putting on a defense to certain claims.

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