2017 Pro Bono Report: Rising to the occasion

We have published our Pro Bono annual report,"Rising to the occasion," which highlights the many ways in which our lawyers are helping to bring about social change, economic empowerment, and access to justice all over the world, acting on behalf of clients who would otherwise be unable to afford access to legal representation and justice.

We have a long-standing commitment to our Pro Bono practice and good citizenship, with all of our people expected to contribute their time and experience to matters outside their day-to-day practice.

Commenting on our pro bono work in 2017, Washington D.C.-based Pro Bono Partner T. Clark Weymouth, said:

"Pro bono work is among the most important things we can do as lawyers. It requires an emotional commitment and a connection to our clients and to the causes they are fighting for. Good pro bono work cannot be done half-heartedly, and we are immensely proud of the time and dedication our lawyers put into this unpaid work. In 2017, the practice often took on cases that many law firms would steer clear of, including representing inmates on death row and fighting for refugees displaced by war and ethnic violence."

International Pro Bono Director Yasmin Waljee added:

"Our pro bono practice represents our commitment to work towards Goal 16 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to build peace, justice, and secure better access to justice for all. The Pro Bono annual report highlights just a snapshot of the great work our people have done around the world."

Among them are:

  • Fighting the travel ban in the U.S. including both ad hoc work supporting travelers and our work fighting the ban through the U.S. courts on behalf of the state of Hawaii.
  • Representing members of the Yazidi community in Northern Iraq who fled the violence and slavery imposed upon them by Daesh (Islamic State).
  • Responding to natural disasters in Houston, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, contributing to emergency and relief efforts, as well as providing legal support for residents affected by the earthquakes, hurricanes, and flooding.
  • Working with UK charity Victim Support to represent victims of the terror attacks on Westminster Bridge, Borough Market, Manchester Arena, and Finsbury Park at Coroner's Inquests into the deaths and as they make compensation applications.
  • Collaborating on the creation of a US$8 million women's livelihood bond, the world's first listed bond with a dual focus on financial and social returns. Participating in several death row-related matters in the U.S., including to end years of solitary confinement of death row inmates in Virginia, South Carolina, and Louisiana, and our work to force Arkansas and Nebraska to enforce correct lethal injection protocols.

To find out more, read the full Pro Bono annual report.

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