Spotlight on Amsterdam

The Amsterdam office works closely with JINC, a nonprofit organization that promotes career aspirations in young people. In association with JINC, the office recently held its annual Career Day event for primary and secondary school students. Throughout the day, members of the firm worked with the students to teach them about careers in the legal sector and familiarize them with an office setting. The second half of the day featured a mock trial complete with a judge and legal gowns. The students acted as legal counsel in a wrongful termination suit and made their case before the Hogan Lovells "judge." At the end of the day, the students wrote themselves a letter detailing their experience and their future career aspirations.

A lawyer in the Amsterdam office has also acted as a mentor for a group of four students aged 16 and 17 in partnership with JINC. JINC's mentoring program, Knowing What You Want, provides students with a mentor who helps them to make informed decisions about their education and future career paths. The mentor met with students for 45-minute sessions during which the students explored their strengths and weaknesses, thought critically about their prospects, and set personal and professional goals for the future. The students who took part showed tremendous growth throughout the program, and the Amsterdam office hopes to engage more lawyers to act as mentors in the future.

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