One Germany celebrations

Our German offices marked their 10-year anniversary with JOBLINGE by expanding the partnership to all four offices in Germany, making JOBLINGE our first "One Germany" Citizenship project.

In recent weeks, members of the firm had the opportunity to get to know JOBLINGE at specific kickoff events within the four German offices and were invited to mentor a young person experiencing difficulty with starting their career.

JOBLINGE is an initiative that supports young people who are having trouble starting out in life with a tailored program that gets them ready for the world of work. The breadth of involvement is wide, from businesses, to government officials and organizations, to the everyday person. The right qualifications, mentoring by volunteers, and support during vocational training mean that 70% of the 1,800 participants per year manage to kick-start their careers.

We have been working with JOBLINGE since it was founded, initially providing pro bono advice for the establishment of the JOBLINGE umbrella organization, and then helping develop a social franchise system. JOBLINGE has since grown, now boasting 28 locations in Germany, and our partnership has grown with it. "Joblings" participate in DebateIt! in Munich, and in Frankfurt 10 lawyers and business services staff have already assumed a mentoring role.

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