Competition and confidence

Should German students wear a school uniform? Tenth graders from two different schools tackled that question at our Hamburg office during the final competition of Debate It!

Leading up to the final debate, our people went to the schools to teach a series of lessons on argumentation, forming of an opinion, counter-argumentation, rhetoric, and body language. We also held mini-debates so students could practice the different roles represented in a debate.

Both teams prepared for an hour for the final debate, mostly without their coaches. As the topic of school uniforms directly concerns the daily life of our pupils, the debate was very lively, and both teams delivered fantastic arguments to support their assigned view.

Spectators and the jury were very impressed by our pupils' performances, which they showed with tremendous applause. Both teams won a financial contribution to be used for common activities, and a few of the best participants will come back to us for a one-day internship.

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