Ask a Solar Mama

Light does more than just light the way. It builds bridges, both between people from far off places with seemingly nothing in common, and between people and the opportunity they need to change the course of their lives and their families for generations to come.

These connections are illuminated in the Barefoot Futures program, an initiative in which our colleagues go into local schools to raise awareness about Barefoot College and the Sustainable Development Goals to inspire action in local communities. Kyla Taylor, a London-based associate and volunteer for Barefoot Futures, has seen these bridges being formed, not to mention help form them herself.

As part of the Barefoot Futures program, Kyla's students made solar-powered cars to experience firsthand the technology that the solar mamas learn. Then, on a personal trip to India, Kyla traveled deep into rural Rajasthan to visit Barefoot College in Tilonia. She brought questions her students wanted to ask the solar mamas themselves to give them a glimpse into the life of a Barefoot College Solar Mama.

Every time a Solar Mama turns on the power for her village, the power to educate, thrive, and grow follows. Opportunity follows. And the ties that bind us all grow ever stronger.

Watch a video about Kyla and Barefoot College.

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