An advocate for change

"If we are better persons, we can become better lawyers and therefore serve our clients better."

So said Juan Francisco Torres Landa, Office Managing Partner, Mexico City, who took two days out of his demanding schedule to travel to the coastal outpost of Punta Chueca and meet Barefoot College Solar Mamas in person.

At first glance the differences may seem impossible to comprehend. The ultra poor live in meager villages, often far removed from civilization. They burn wood in their homes to cook food and live without light after dark. But these great chasms of culture, language, beliefs and socio-economic status, hide how much we have in common.

"Our country is big, its differences are big as well. But we can shorten these distances by being generous," Torres Landa said. "You need to listen to what other persons within your same country are telling you."

Watch a video featuring Juan Francisco Torress Landa discussing Barefoot College.

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