Health Care Reform Research Institute Amends Draft Research Agenda and Authorizes 50 Pilot Projects

Health Care Reform Research Institute Amends Draft Research Agenda and Authorizes 50 Pilot ProjectsThe Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Board of Governors voted to amend PCORI’s draft Research Agenda.  The changes were made in response to over 450 public comments, and include a clarification of PCORI’s focus on:

  • Patient engagement and transparency;
  • Patients with chronic conditions;
  • Patients with rare diseases;
  • Improving health care systems, including care coordination, access to care, and the role of practice settings and allied health professionals; and
  • The importance of health literacy.
The Board did not make any changes to the National Priorities for Research.  The final version of the National Priorities and Research Agenda will be made public on May 21, 2012, after a final review and approval by the Board at its next public meeting. Also on April 25, 2012, the Board authorized $30 million in funding over two years for 50 pilot projects that will serve to:
  • Assist PCORI with ongoing development and enhancement of national research priorities for patient-centered outcomes research;
  • Support the collection of preliminary data that can be used to advance the field of patient-centered outcomes research and serve as a platform for a future PCORI research agenda; and
  • Support the identification of methodologies that can be used to advance patient-centered outcomes research and identify gaps where methodological research needs further development.
PCORI will post additional details on the pilot projects that were approved for funding after all of the awardees have been notified.  In December 2012, PCORI will commit another $120 million in research funding through funding announcements based on its Research Agenda. 

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