Recent UK PPI developments - July 2018

Take a look at the PPI Update on our Global Insurance Blog for the latest UK payment protection insurance (PPI) developments. These include the FCA's publication of a consultation paper, CP18/18, providing guidance and seeking responses on PPI mis-selling complaints, and the issue of recurring non-disclosure of commissions. 

Another recent development is Doran v Paragon Personal Finance Limited, heard by the Manchester County Court, where two claimants were awarded damages based on the whole of the premium paid in respect of their PPI sale. The amount awarded was in excess of the amount that would have been awarded under the FCA guidelines for a Plevin-type case, and which would have been awarded by the Financial Ombudsman. This is one of a series of such decisions by County Courts. Claimants are likely to be incentivised to pursue complaints in court, given the higher awards which can be obtained.

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