Blockchain and patent law: A conversation with Berkeley Law

Chris Mammen recently interviewed Berkeley Law professors Narechania and McCrary about some of the IP applications of blockchain.

Blockchain and patent law: A conversation with Berkeley Law

This short video touches upon the following points:


What is blockchain?
—  Does it have broader applications outside Finance?
—  Who is the inventor and why is his/her/their identity important?
—  How might ownership of a core set of blockchain patents play out in IP terms?
—  Is there a public interest element to patent ownership here and might the "open source" ethos be embraced?
—  Improvement inventions, patentable subject matter and inventiveness questions in the context of bringing claims
—  Who is active in the patenting space of blockchain?
—  Economic perspective of blockchain innovation vs. patent law perspective
—  What is the relevance here of the Supreme Court's Alice patentability decision?
—  The defensive approach in the context of improvement patents and encouragement/discouragement of innovation


Watch the interview in full below:

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