Area of focus

International Trade Commission

When market competition is fierce, protecting your IP rights can make all the difference. High-stakes, business-focused IP litigation before the International Trade Commission (ITC) can offer speedy and substantive resolutions for companies. The ITC has the authority to investigate imported products that infringe...

Representative experience

We have successfully represented Daimler/Mercedes-Benz for over a decade in vehicle technologies. Recently we forced a complainant to dismiss its case before hearing in a case related to mapping/navigation systems.

We successfully represented Red Bull at the ITC, obtaining a general exclusion order prohibiting the importation of unauthorized (gray market) Red Bull energy drink products into the U.S.

We successfully defended LG and Toshiba, and a third party (a global tech company), involving allegations of patent infringement in mobile devices and applications.

We successfully defended uPI Semiconductor in an ITC enforcement proceeding involving patent infringement and trade secret misappropriation related to power management IC technology.

Our defense of Dell in the ITC involved defense against six patents relating to computer memory technologies. We succeeded in having the majority of Dell’s accused products excluded from the investigation.

We successfully represented Kimberly-Clark Corporation at the ITC, obtaining a general exclusion order barring the import of all purple protective gloves that infringe the client’s COLOR PURPLE trademarks.

We successfully represented Gemstar-TV Guide International in reportedly the largest patent case ever brought before the ITC.

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