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Infrastructure and Equipment

Your infrastructure and equipment powers your growth and profitability. But wading through authorizations and approvals can be frustrating.

The team at Hogan Lovells assists clients on navigating equipment authorization, product development, and infrastructure deployment matters, including FCC approvals, legal compliance...

Hogan Lovells Publications

Companies today need to routinely assess their wireless network connectivity options related to their products and overall operations

In this interview, Hogan Lovells partner Trey Hanbury talks about the need for wireless carriers to broaden their offerings to meet the demands of an increasing number of...

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Hogan Lovells Publications

Fast and furious? Connected cars, jamming, and the battle for spectrum

Times are changing in the automotive industry, and changing fast. In this interview, Washington, D.C.-based Hogan Lovells partner Ari Fitzgerald talks about the challenges...

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How Spectrum and Spectrum Policy Drive the Connected Car and Autonomous Vehicles

Ari Fitzgerald is a partner at Hogan Lovells. He provides strategic, legal, and policy advice on a wide range of communications and spectrum policy issues to some of the world's largest and ...

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