Area of focus

Crisis Management

Unanticipated disasters disrupt businesses and lives. These events often result from conditions unknown, circumstances beyond control, or unfortunate decisions. What follows? Allegations and blame. When the damage calls for government action, or draws congressional or agency scrutiny, such situations call for quick assessments and careful responses.

Our policy and advocacy practitioners have the experience to help you prepare for and manage a crisis situation, foster the opportunity for measured response, and...

Representative experience

Advised and managed a major energy company through the congressional and administrative agency investigations following a major oil spill.

Assisted health care company CEO through a series of congressional hearings and investigations following allegations of price discrepancies.

Assisted in the preparation of numerous witnesses before congressional hearings.

Hogan Lovells Publications

Five steps to rehabilitate a brand in the midst of a crisis: Total Brand Care

It is essential that companies take a global and holistic approach to creating, commercializing, and protecting their brands and their value. When an organization experiences a public...

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