The costs and risks of Litigation

Costs, in the broad sense, are an important factor of litigation. They feature as liquidity-relevant expenses and as a valuation item relevant for the accounting of risks and assets. That is where the project management of a litigation piece and the effective steering of that dispute into the right resolution process or forum should kick in. It helps identify and control such costs in the interest of the business. Within the European business environment third party litigation funding has become an important and often discussed topic. What structures are available and how do they impact on the project, the accounting side and the control of the resolution process for the client? How can companies ensure to select the best dispute resolution option for their concrete challenge? What can they do to keep control of litigation costs?  

Together with Burford Capital we will be looking at all these and more questions to help you navigate through the Litigation jungle. In order to address the questions which you are currently facing, you are welcome to submit your concrete challenge when submitting your registration form.

Speakers will include Dr. Craig Arnott, Managing Director at Burford Capital, and Dr. Detlef Haß, Litigation Partner at Hogan Lovells.

Bei Interesse an einer Teilnahme melden Sie sich gerne bei Stephanie Küppers an.


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