Coronavirus und Krisenmanagement

Supply chain and restructuring risks and opportunities in the global automotive sector

The automotive industry faces unprecedented financial and logistical challenges in 2020. When combined with the continued push toward “ACES” (vehicles that are automated, connected, electric and shared) and tightening profit margins for new vehicle sales among other factors, those challenges will compound and increase the stress already faced by the whole sector and its supply chains.

This roundtable discussion will address the topic of managing supply chain risk and restructuring in the global automotive sector, including market changes and opportunities arising from COVID-19, technology changes, and more generally. Our panelists will bring their perspective from the areas of investment banking, financial advisory, crisis and operational management, private capital and legal services support for turnarounds, restructuring, and strategic transactions, presenting a combined business and legal, cross-border approach focused on the United States and Europe.

As the economic crisis deepens in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies continue to face new and ever-changing challenges. In our webinar series "Coronavirus and Crisis Management", we will give you recommendations on how you can adapt to these challenges in order to emerge from the crisis stronger. We will inform you about current legal developments and show you ways to identify risks at an early stage, secure the continued existence of the company and make it fit for the future.

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