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Winston Maxwell
Partner, Paris
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Winston Maxwell is one of the leading media, communications and data protection lawyers in France. His practice covers three principal areas :

Data protection and privacy : Winston advises clients on developing global data privacy governance schemes, on cross-border discovery, implementation of compliance and whistleblowing programs across multiple jurisdictions, handling data breaches, fraud and employee theft of data. He has advised on the regulation of connected health devices, connected vehicles, smart meters and home security devices. Winston advises on innovative social media and cloud solutions. Winston has testified before the CNIL and several parliamentary committees in France on reform of data protection legislation, and represented clients in lobbying efforts before the European Commission in connection with reform of EU data protection rules. Winston teaches comparative privacy law at a leading French business and engineering school.

Telecommunications and Internet : Winston advises public and private sector clients in the telecommunications and internet industry on corporate, commercial, regulatory and litigation matters. Winston recently co-authored a report for the European Commission on the adoption bill & keep charging mechanisms for the exchange of IP traffic, and a report for the French regulatory authority ARCEP on the regulatory treatment of over-the-top services, cloud computing services and content delivery networks (CDNs). Winston advises mobile and fixed operators, Internet service and applications providers, directory providers, paging operators, and regulators.

Media and entertainment : French and international motion picture producers, distributors and channel providers seek Winston’s advice on commercial contracts, M&A, production and co-production agreements, agreements with talent, IFTA arbitrations, and regulatory questions linked to channel licenses, new technologies, connected TV and VOD.

In 2014, Winston was named to the Digital Rights Commission of the French National Assembly.

  • Advice to multinationals in the creation of comprehensive data privacy governance programs, including advice on BCRs
  • Implementing specific data privacy governance frameworks for cross-border discovery, and data transfers in corporate transactions
  • Winston co-authored a study for the French CNIL on the regulation of connected health ("quantified self") devices
  • Winston has represented a number of companies in their relations with the French CNIL, including in contentious proceedings
  • Advising French and non-French mobile and fixed operators on regulation of fixed and mobile termination rates, spectrum policy, and privacy regulations, including dispute resolution before the ARCEP
  • Advising international telecommunications providers and customers on cloud computing contracts and regulations
  • Advice to regulatory authorities in Europe and Africa on the implementation of new regulations relating to broadband communications (3G, 4G, fiber, DSL, cable)
  • Representation of motion picture producers and distributors in disputes including IFTA arbitrations 
  • Negotiation and drafting of motion picture development, production and distribution agreements 
  • Acquisitions and joint ventures involving film & television production companies and TV channels; regulatory advice on channels and VOD platforms

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Technology, Media and Telecoms
Technology, Media and Telecoms
  • French and European Communications Law
  • Media and Entertainment Law
  • Transactions and Policy
  • Privacy Law 
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Chronicle of Data Protection
International Spectrum Review
Global Media and Communications Watch
J.D., Cornell University Law School, 1985 B.A., with highest honors, Oregon State University, 1982
  • Co-Chair, American Chamber of Commerce in France's New Media, IT and Privacy Committee
  • Member, Digital Rights Commission of the French National Assembly
  • Member IAPP
  • Member of International Association of Entertainment Lawyers
  • Chambers Europe, Band 1, Media - France 2014
  • Chambers Europe, Band 1, Telecommunications - France 2014
  • The Legal 500: Europe, Middle East and Africa, Media and Entertainment - Full service: Leading Individual - France 2014
  • Telecommunications Lawyer of the Year 2014 by Best Lawyers in France
  • Who's Who Legal specialist 2014: Information Technology
  • Who's Who Legal specialist 2014: Telecommunications
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