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DOJ hosts roundtable discussion on criminal antitrust compliance

On 9 April 2018 the U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division (Antitrust Division or Division) hosted the second of a series of roundtable discussions on antitrust enforcement.

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ICN report confirms that vertical merger challenges remain rare

At the ICN's recent annual conference in New Delhi, the Merger Working Group released a report summarizing the group's findings from a survey of NCAs on their approach to vertical mergers....

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Artificial Intelligence and your business: A guide for navigating the legal, policy, commercial, and strategic challenges ahead

Virtually all industries are being reshaped with the use of Artificial Intelligence and advanced machine-learning.

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French legal and regulatory update – February 2018

The Paris office of Hogan Lovells is pleased to provide this English language edition of our monthly e - newsletter, which offers a legal and regulatory update covering France and Europe...

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Ninth Circuit decision reaffirms the FTC's jurisdiction in overseeing broadband markets

On 27 February 2018, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled unanimously in an en banc decision that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) may bring enforcement actions against...

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Antitrust, competition, and economic regulation quarterly newsletter - Winter 2018

Read the latest news on antitrust, competition and economic regulation (ACER) in this Winter's edition of our quarterly ACER newsletter.

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Exchanging information in the health care sector: A guide to managing antitrust

What is the issue? Information exchanges within the health care sector will increase as providers and payers seek to provide more integrated care and enter into alternative payment models...

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New HSR and interlocking directorate thresholds announced for 2018

On 26 January 2018, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released the annual jurisdictional adjustments for premerger notification filings made pursuant to Section 7A of the Clayton Act,...

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