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Tax Newsletter 18 July 2018

Periodical newsletter on tax matters.

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Episode two Hong Kong relaxes regulations on product placement

The Communications Authority ("CA") recently issued its decision to relax existing regulations on indirect advertising (commonly known as product placement) in television programmes ("TV...

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Taking Advantage of Arbitration as a Class Action Safe Harbor

On May 21, 2018, the United States Supreme Court issued a decision upholding the validity of clauses in agreements between an employer and its employees that require disputes to be resolved ...

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Consumers' free choice: Consumer Council published report on mandatory cooling-off period in Hong Kong


In April 2018, the Consumer Council (Council) published A Report to Advocate Mandatory Cooling-off Period in Hong Kong (Report). The Report signifies the Council's renewed effort ...

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Episode Two: Cold (and warm) calls in hot water - Hong Kong to launch statutory "Do-not-call" Register targeting P2P telemarketing

Following the completion of the public consultation on strengthening regulation of person-to-person telemarketing calls (P2P) in July 2017, the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau (Bure...

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Real estate alert: The ban on Sunday and holiday trading has become law

The ban on trading on Sundays will be progressively introduced in Poland by the Act on Restricting Trade on Sundays, Holidays, and certain other Days (the "Act"). The Act will come into...

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