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Digital Health: The issues you need to consider to leverage its full potential in 2018

Technology is changing the way the healthcare industry operates, bringing huge potential for untapped business opportunity. At the same time, with these changes comes a dramatic shift in...

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Pro bono pros: Managing partner roundtable

Clay James was featured in Law Week Colorado’s special edition “Pro Bono Pros: Managing Partner Roundtable."

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Life and Death: When Pro Bono Work Becomes High Stakes

Intellectual property litigator Clay James quickly found that disputing patents over microchips and serving as counsel to a death row inmate are worlds apart. But despite the seeming chasm...

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Patent Law in U.S. Undergoing Massive Revision

Clay James was featured in the Denver Business Journal article "Patent Law in the U.S. Undergoing Massive Revision."

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Patent Trolls Targeting Energy Sector

Over the past decade, patent trolls (also called non-practicing entities or patent assertion entities) have been a thorn in the side of computer, electronics, communications, and e-commerce ...

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