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Japan's plea bargaining system

A new plea bargaining system – offering reduced penalties to companies that report certain violations and cooperate with government investigations – will come into effect in...

Client Notes

The lesser spotted, greatly discussed DPA

On 19 March 2018, Singapore's Parliament ushered in a raft of criminal justice reforms, including the significant introduction of a deferred prosecution agreement ("DPA") regime. This is a...


Anti-corruption enforcement in the ASEAN region

Reflections and mirages – the perception and reality of anti-corruption enforcement efforts in South-East Asia.


Recent important amendments to Japanese AML legislation come into force

Two years after being approved by the Japanese Diet, important amendments to Japan's primary anti-money laundering (“AML”) legislation, the Act on Prevention of Transfer of...


Japanese Bar Association Publishes New Guidance on Foreign Bribery Prevention

In July 2016, the Japanese Federation of Bar Associations ("JFBA") published new guidelines on foreign bribery prevention (the "JFBA Guidelines"), which sets out a menu of best-practice...

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