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When is a parent company liable in tort for acts of its subsidiary? AAA and Others v Unilever PLC and Another [2018] EWCA Civ 1532

  • This case looks at the circumstances in which a parent company may be liable in tort for the acts of its, usually foreign, subsidiary. 
  • There is no special doctrine in tort...

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Private action for contempt of court?

In March, the UK Supreme Court handed down a landmark judgment, in which it held that:

  1. contempt of court constitutes unlawful means for the purposes of the tort of unlawful means...

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Ghosh is gone - now a one-stage test for dishonesty?

A recent UK Supreme Court case has decided that the current test for dishonesty in criminal proceedings should no longer be used when directing juries on the law in criminal cases. The Ghosh...

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No limitation period in breach of duty claim against director

A recent UK Supreme Court decision establishes that where a director unlawfully transfers property to a company he controls, a subsequent breach of duty claim will not be subject to a...

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Antitrust spotlight on HR practices in Hong Kong

Since the entry into force of the Competition Ordinance (Ordinance) in December 2015, the Hong Kong Competition Commission (Commission) reports having encountered many practices relating to ...

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Tribunal forces Hong Kong Competition Commission to disclose more documents in first competition lawsuit

On 14 March 2018, the Competition Tribunal ("Tribunal") handed down its latest decision in Hong Kong's first "bid-rigging" proceedings under its new comprehensive competition regime, in...

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The SFC's enforcement priorities for 2018

In late February, the SFC published its Enforcement Reporter setting out its enforcement priorities and approaches for 2018.

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The benefits of cooperating with the SFC

On 12 December 2017, the Securities and Futures Commission ("SFC") issued a new "Guidance Note on Cooperation with the SFC" ("Guidance Note") and related FAQs.

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