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Hong Kong Court confirms common law recognition and assistance for foreign voluntary liquidations

On 8 February 2018, the Hong Kong Court of First Instance (the "Hong Kong Court") ruled that the common law power to recognise and assist foreign insolvency proceedings extends to voluntary ...

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Hogan Lovells partners riff on redesigned Singapore insolvency law

Hogan Lovells business restructuring and insolvency practice partners Ron Silverman, Robin Keller, and Shaun Langhorne recently joined Debtwire senior legal content specialist Richard...

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Loan portfolio transactions and their related financings

Across Europe, increased regulation, governmental reforms, and higher capital requirements have added pressure on banks to divest non-core assets. Our client note on loan portfolio...

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Key development regarding litigation funding in Singapore

In a judgment handed down on 9 June 2015, the High Court of Singapore has for the first time approved a litigation funding arrangement for the benefit of a company in liquidation.

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First case to be heard by Singapore International Commercial Court

A dispute arising out of a joint venture arrangement between Australian, Indonesian and Singapore commercial interests is to become the first case to be heard by the Singapore International ...

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Impact of Declining Oil Prices – Issue 3: Business Restructuring and Insolvency

A weekly alert from the Hogan Lovells Oil, Gas, and LNG group on issues impacting the market from on-going oil price volatility.

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