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Client briefing: PLN appointing renewable energy developers for direct selection panel

PLN is currently in the process of appointing developers to a newly constituted panel to develop solar PV, wind, hydro, biomass, biogas, municipal waste and tidal projects in...

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Offshore Wind Farms in Japan

With the world's 6th largest sea space, Japan's long-term potential for offshore wind energy is estimated by the Japan Wind Power Association to be approximately 600GW.  Actual...

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The Efficiency Factor

Shortly after his "Put on a Sweater" speech in 1977, President Jimmy Carter began a televised address to the American people with the words, "Tonight I want to have an unpleasant talk with...

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Tracking Japan's long-standing commitment to energy efficiency

Japan has almost no domestic energy resources, and the country must look overseas to resource the bulk of its energy requirements. The post-war restoration program and subsequent economic...

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Taking security in Vietnam

In times of increased economic uncertainty, structuring a security package that provides an acceptable level of comfort to lenders is becoming ever more important. However, obtaining a...

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