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How to draft for concurrent delay wherever your projects are

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Blurred boundaries: The latest developments in class actions, mulitclaimant actions, and cross-border litigation in the EU and U.S.

The Second Edition Blurred Boundaries captures the most essential collective action developments across the EU Member States and the United States. It addresses details on the blurred...

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The Italian Supreme Court upholds the first class action relating to medical devices

By a recent judgment published on 31 January 2018, the Italian Supreme Court brought to an end - after more than seven years from its beginning - the first product-related class action...

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Mitigate the risks you face with supply chain disruption

Supply chain disruption represents a major threat to businesses in the oil and gas industry. Generate your own risk-mitigating report here.

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Introduction of a European system for the attachment of bank accounts

The EAPO Regulation will apply which allows in cross-border cases for the preservation, in an efficient and speedy way, of funds held in bank accounts. The new European Account Preservation ...

Hogan Lovells Publications

Blurring Boundaries: Class actions, multi-claimant actions and cross-border litigation in the EU – latest developments and challenges

This report summarizes what you need to know about the latest developments and challenges of class actions, multi-claimant actions and cross-border litigation in the EU. In detail, it:

Hogan Lovells Publications

Leveraged Finance Update from Hogan Lovells

A quarterly update from the leveraged and acquisition finance team

Read the full newsletter: Leveraged Finance Update from Hogan Lovells Autumn 2015

Published Works

The International Comparative Legal Guide to Corporate Recovery & Insolvency 2013

The Impact of the 2012 Insolvency Law Reform of Arrangements with Creditors Procedures: New Scenarios on the Italian Front.

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