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Draft tax legislation proposals

New draft tax legislation was released by National Treasury on 16 July 2018 for comment. A number of amendments have been proposed and it is expected that comments will be made in respect...

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KWJ Investments: A cautionary tale on tax "friendly" structures

A key consideration in the structuring of any business or transaction is that of tax. As stated by Lord Tomlin in the Duke of Westminster case, a taxpayer is "entitled if he can to order...

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Some practical considerations regarding carbon tax

Reasons for the implementation of a carbon tax in South Africa

Carbon tax seeks to give effect to the polluter pays principle by ensuring that the real cost of greenhouse gas (GHG)...

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The VAT increase and its implications for business

South Africa - In the Budget Speech delivered on 21 February 2018, Minister Malusi Gigaba announced the controversial increase in the VAT rate from 14% to 15% with effect from 1 April 2018. ...

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Minimising tax on transactions and the legislative framework

A basic tenet is that taxpayers are entitled to arrange their affairs to minimise their tax exposure – but this must be done within the scope of the applicable legislation. Although...

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Davis Tax Committee report

The Davis Tax Committee (the Committee) released a further report on "Tax Administration" on 13 November 2017 as part of the final six reports that were deliverable by the Committee. 

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Section 7C

Raising the red flag on low interest and interest free loans to trusts

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