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Data Class Actions: the era of mass data litigation

Class actions are commonplace in the United States but relatively rare in Europe.


Class actions now have a general framework in France

After a long procedure, full of unexpected developments, the bill on modernisation of the 21st century justice was eventually adopted by the French National Assembly on...

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One more step towards a general framework for class actions in France

The bill on the modernisation of 21st century Justice returned to the French National Assembly following the failure of the Joint Committee session in June this year, as French deputies and ...

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International Product Liability Review - Issue 54

The International Product Liability Review provides quarterly updates and comment from around the world on legal developments in the field of product liability and product safety.

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Global Media and Communications Quarterly: Featuring Highlights from the Winnik International Telecoms and Internet Forum 2013

This issue of the Global Media and Communications Quarterly examines the wireless broadband market and its implications for global business.

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