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Health care program penalties rise with Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018

Buried within a two-year budget agreement, among hundreds of pages of federal spending legislation, are key changes to several federal health care fraud statutes. The Bipartisan Budget Act...

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Why Healthcare and Life Sciences Companies Need to Step Up Their Compliance Efforts in Advance of a U.S. Government Investigation

In this interview, Hogan Lovells partner Gejaa Gobena discusses how the perception of compliance, remediation, and self-disclosure has evolved in the eyes of government...

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False Claims Act: A Year in Review 2016

The False Claims Act (FCA) today bears little resemblance to the law President Lincoln signed 154 years ago to stop con artists from selling the U.S. Army gun powder barrels filled with saw ...

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Medicare Anti-Fraud Program Expands Footprint in Two States

Gejaa Gobena was quoted in the Bloomberg BNA Health Care Daily Report article "Medicare Anti-Fraud Program Expands Footprint in Two States."

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Report Overpayments to CMS Carefully to Avoid More Trouble

CMS expects hospitals and healthcare systems to report overpayments within 60 days of discovery to avoid false claims allegations, but knowing when and how to report is not always easy....

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Companies that defrauded the government fined billions during Obama presidency

Gejaa Gobena was quoted in the Wall Street Journal article "Companies That Defrauded the Government Fined Billions During Obama Presidency".

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Will the FCPA get Trumped?

Over the past decade, prosecutions for violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act have increased and become one of the centerpieces of the work of the U.S. Department of Justice. These ...

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