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New PBOC Circular potentially raises the overseas borrowing ceiling for borrowers in China: but is it a game changer?

On 11 January 2017, the People's Bank of China ("PBOC"), China's central bank, issued the People's Bank of China Circular on Matters relating to the Full Bore Macroprudential Administration ...

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Hong Kong Court casts doubt on the ability of minority lenders to enforce independently

It has long been considered that lenders under a syndicated facility retain a right to seek to recover their portion of a loan directly following a payment default, typically by seeking the ...

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Don't catch a falling knife: navigating volatility in the PRC

The current volatility in the Chinese stock market has been giving investors in the PRC and the Asia Pacific region generally something of a roller coaster ride as well as producing...

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CBRC Revised Guidelines on Acquisition Financing in China

Since the Guidelines on Risk Management of Merger and Acquisition Loans granted by Commercial Banks (商业银行并购贷款风险管理指引) (the "Guidelines") came into force in 2008, banks in China have not...

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SAFE issued new cross-border security rules

The State Administration of Foreign Exchange ("SAFE") released the Foreign Exchange Administrative Rules on Cross-border Security and its operation guidelines (the "New Rules") on 12 May...

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Acquisition Finance Newsletter Autumn 2013

Contains articles of relevance to those involved in the leveraged and acquisition finance market.

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