Third edition of "Directors' Liability – A Worldwide Review" by Alexander Loos (Ed.)

Directors’ Liability – A Worldwide Review – edited and co-authored by our German Corporate Of Counsel Alexander Loos – is an acclaimed reference book for international business lawyers. Now in its third edition, and once again published in conjunction with the International Bar Association (IBA), this comparative study of a crucial issue in corporate law gives practitioners a powerful and decisive tool for ascertaining and comparing the law affecting directors’ liability in today’s globalizing economies.

Covering nearly fifty jurisdictions worldwide (including eight not previously covered), the third edition affords senior lawyers in major firms the opportunity to provide concise, detailed, and easy-to-understand summaries on his or her home law on directors’ liability. Authors whose research appeared in earlier editions have updated their chapters, and the case law summarized and analysed now reflects published cases through the end of March 2016.

What’s in this book:

For each of the different jurisdictions the authors detail and explain such factors as the following:

  • national legal theories of directors’ liability;
  • recent cases dealing with directors’ liability;
  • corporate governance; and
  • indemnification and insurance.

The contributions describe the relevant law in force in each particular jurisdiction, along with an insightful discussion of trends and future prospects. This reference book not only provides access to reviewing the respective laws and court rulings from different legal backgrounds but also enables to compare their laws and rules as well. Where applicable, coverage also includes the legal implications of jurisdictional variations in such matters as judicial review, lawyer directorship, directors’ reliance on outside professionals, and the effect of the European Action Plan. References have been thoroughly updated throughout and include many new online sources.

How this will help you:

This book comprises expert reviews addressing their specific home jurisdictions, each following a uniformly applied template of issues to be dealt with and is up to date on insightful discussions about the most recent trends and foreseeable developments in D&O liability, thereby serving as a ‘ready to use’ material for the readers. This publication will be of enormous value to legal practitioners, whether in private practice or in the legal department of a globally active company, as a comprehensive and easy means of access to the law of foreign jurisdictions on directors’ liability.

17 lawyers of our global Hogan Lovells Corporate practice as well as several other renowned lawyers have contributed to this comprehensive publication containing almost 700 pages.

The third edition has only recently been published by Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, New York 2016 and can be ordered here or in your usual book shop. ISBN: 9789041158352, appr. 250 EUR.

Alexander Loos (Editor and Co-Author), Directors' Liability – A Worldwide Review, 3rd Edition,

International Bar Association Series Volume 22

Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, New York 2016

ISBN: 9789041158352

Pages: 672

SKU: 9041158359

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The following country chapters in "Directors' Liability – A Worldwide Review" were co-authored by Hogan Lovells' lawyers and can be accessed below with the kind permission of the publisher Wolters Kluwer Law & Business.

Germany (Alexander Loos)

Singapore (Matthew Bousfield, Stephanie Keen)

United Kingdom (Karla Dudek)

Mongolia (Ariungoo Khurelbaatar, Chris Melville, Anthony Woolley)

Luxembourg (Alexander Koch)

Hong Kong (Allan Leung, Danny Leung)

Vietnam (Minh Nguyen, Jeff Olson)

United States of America (Robert Ripin)

United Arab Emirates (Imtiaz Shah)

The People's Republic of China (Liang Xu, Sarah Zhang)

Poland (Tomasz Zak)

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