Success for Shale as Government Finds for Fracking

Commenting on this morning's decision by The Secretary of State to grant Cuadrilla permission to carry out hydraulic fracturing in the UK, Claire Dutch, partner in Hogan Lovells Energy and Natural Resources Group, said:

"This is a momentous occasion for the shale gas industry. The grant of three permissions and the re-opening of the inquiry into the fourth, on a technical point,  demonstrates the great weight attributed to the national need for shale gas.

"This is an extremely positive result for the shale gas industry. The Secretary of State has granted three planning permissions and has re-opened the inquiry into the fourth. On receipt of satisfactory evidence from Cuadrilla on the highways issues, the Secretary of State is expected to grant permission for the fourth appeal, which would mean a full house for Cuadrilla.

"The Secretary of State's analysis is clear and thorough.  He has concluded that concerns over public health, visual amenity and environmental issues can be overcome by planning conditions or other regulatory regimes in this instance, and has therefore attributed little negative weight to these factors. In comparison, he has attached great weight to the national need for shale gas, resulting in the planning balance weighing heavily in favour of granting permission."

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