Hogan Lovells welcomes dualitybanx to its Global FinTech Mentors Program

Hogan Lovells is delighted to welcome dualitybanx to the firm's Global FinTech Mentors Program. dualitybanx is a banking solution for those that live, work and spend in multiple currencies, encompassing all foreign currency needs. We will be supporting them in their authorisation journey and as their business develops.

The company joins a growing number of organisations within our program, launched in April 2017, aimed at guiding start-ups through their FinTech journeys by matching them with the firm's experienced Financial Services and Regulatory partners. dualitybanx will be equipped with extensive industry knowledge through our FinTech team's commercial insights, access to the firm's global network, legal and compliance training, industry events and use of the firm's new FinTech tools, including our Regulatory Accelerator tool.

Other FinTechs recently welcomed into the Mentoring Program include:

Nooli – Financial inclusion FinTech business

Refineryy – DLT platform for real estate investment

Alice.Si – Platform that brings transparency to social funding through blockchain technology


Global Financial Institutions Sector Head and FinTech Partner Rachel Kent said "I am delighted to be working with dualitybanx as part of our FinTech Mentors Program. They have an exciting business model and I am looking forward to sharing my experience of what it means to be an authorised institution in the FinTech community and to help make their vision a reality".

Hogan Lovells has a history of innovating precedent setting legal and regulatory solutions, including advising on market firsts such as: the establishment of the UK’s first internet bank; the launch of Zopa - the world’s first peer-to-peer lender of its type; the launch of a mobile P2P payments service - the first of its kind in the UK market; and currently advising on various use cases using blockchain.

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