Hogan Lovells Successfully Supports Dismissal of Suit to Remove Felons from Voter Rolls in Philadelphia

New York, 27 September 2017 – Hogan Lovells, on behalf of pro bono clients Project Vote and Demos, successfully helped persuade the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit to uphold dismissal of a suit by the American Civil Rights Union to strike voters incarcerated for a felony from the voter rolls in Philadelphia.

The amicus brief that Hogan Lovells attorneys authored in American Civil Rights Union v. Philadelphia City Commissioners strongly endorsed the position that neither the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) nor Pennsylvania law requires the Commissioners to remove incarcerated felons from the rolls, and that purges often inadvertently wind up removing many eligible voters. This case is significant in Hogan Lovells’ ongoing work to protect voting rights and preserve access to the polls.

“In their lawsuit, the American Civil Rights Union misconstrues the governing federal laws in an effort to make it more difficult for people to vote, especially people of color," said Ira Feinberg, a partner at Hogan Lovells. "The NVRA was intended to put the brakes on state voter purges to ensure that eligible voters were not erroneously removed from the rolls, but the ACRU is seeking to push the accelerator to the floor. That is not what federal law requires or permits.”

The Hogan Lovells team includes partner Ira Feinberg, senior associate Sarah Marberg and associates Daryl Kleiman and Sophie Duffy.

The amicus brief can be read here.

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