The shifting legal landscape for doing business with Cuba 2017: recent developments

Hosted by D.C. Bar, this new class will focus on business improvements and challenges that stem from the major shift in U.S. policy with Cuba under President Obama and the recent, partial rollback under President Trump.  The discussion will address where things stand on the easing of trade restrictions related to certain exports, imports, financial transactions, remittances, and travel. You will learn about the impact of these changes on doing business in and with Cuba, including these topics and more:

  • Historic changes to U.S. relationship with Cuba
  • Scope of remaining embargo
  • Expanded opportunities for exports of US-origin goods
  • Eased restrictions on certain transactions in the banking, finance, and insurance sectors
  • Easing of travel restrictions
  • Establishment of legal entities and branch offices in Cuba
  • Banking and financial transactions
  • Transactions with Cuban nationals 
  • Outlook and practical considerations in the Trump era.
Price: $99 to $129 (2.0 Credit Hours)

This course can be taken either in-person or webinar.

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