The Evolving Role of Compliance in Government Investigations

The healthcare industry is one of the most heavily regulated and investigated industries in the country. Knowing how to position your company's compliance efforts can have very significant impacts on the scope and cost of any alleged future misconduct.

This webinar will be led by Gejaa Gobena, Litigation practice partner and former head of the Department of Justice (DOJ) Criminal Division's Health Care Fraud Unit, and Edward Wilson, Medical Device Law practice partner. Together, they will explore how the significance and role of compliance have evolved in government investigations. Specifically, they will address:

  • How a company's compliance program can factor in at the investigative stage.
  • How compliance and remediation affect decision making on whether to proceed criminally or civilly.
  • How compliance can affect or shape the contours of corporate resolutions.
  • How, if at all, the recent election results might affect these developments.

Seats are limited, so register now.

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