Japan In-House Lawyers Association Seminar: A Global Perspective on avoiding Bribery and Corruption Pitfalls

One of the key risks that Japanese companies face as they expand their businesses overseas is cartel, corruption and bribery risks. Companies need to be aware of these risks especially when working with a third party to develop its global operations. What are the risks of working with third parties/intermediaries? What are the steps to be taken, and programs to be implemented that would mitigate these risks? If a problem occurs, what steps must be taken to preserve the companies privileged materials and other rights while putting the company in the best position when negotiated with the U.S. Government?  Join Ethan Kate (Senior Associate, Tokyo), Rika Beppu (Partner, Tokyo) and Wataru Kamoto (Partner, Tokyo) as they  identify the best practices surrounding these issues based on their expertise in working on cross-border investigations involving Japanese companies.  

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