9th Expert Forum on ITC Litigation & Enforcement

With 2016 being the second-busiest year on record for ITC filings, it has never been more crucial to ensure that you have all the tools at your disposal to lodge and defend complaints. Members of the ITC Bench, and Senior ITC Personnel; leading In-House Counsel across the industries affected by ITC proceedings and leading private practitioners of the Section 337 Bar gathered for one of the most comprehensive, practical and informative events of its kind. Partner Joe Raffetto spoke at the panel “Interactive Discussion: Can Recent Rule Changes Facilitate Efficient Resolution of Section 337 cases?” The panel addressed to what extent has these rule changes have been a success and the implications for settlements. The conversation also analyzed a 100-day Pilot Program to find if early rulings on case-dispositive issues such as Economic DI Standing, the Commission declining SEPs, Section 101 subject-matter eligibility and licensing limit costly litigation.

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