Warsaw Book Donations

Our Warsaw office worked with a primary school in Mikołajki to provide its library with extra books. The schools in the rural regions often do not have enough funds to buy new editions of books that are needed for everyday education of children. Therefore, our library and know-how manager was in close contact with Mikołajki's primary school librarian. They both agreed on a list of books, beautifully illustrated stories, and fairy tales that would be bought using the collected funds.

Our Warsaw staff also organized a book collection to benefit the Mikołajki library. All the Warsaw staff members were asked to bring in any unwanted books that were up-to-date, in good condition, and interesting for other readers.

In addition, during conversations with Przymierze Ziemia Piska - an organization located in Mazury that helps disadvantaged children learn social and vocational skills - we discovered that its various therapies could be enhanced with the addition of computer skills, but the problem lay in the fact that they had insufficient computers for the task.

We also donated three computer set-ups to enable more computer-based vocational skills lessons for the disadvantaged children.

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