Riding in the Himalayas for Charity

Our business development manager in the Dubai office took part in K2K2014, a seven-day 560km cycle ride across the Himalayan foothills from Kathmandu, Nepal, to Kalimpong, India.

The aim of the ride was to raise money for Dr. Grahams Homes (DGH), a charity originally set up by Scottish missionaries over 100 years ago. DGH takes needy and orphaned children off the streets of Calcutta and the surrounding area and provides a safe home and top-class education. The children are sponsored by individuals and various charities (many of which are run and supported by former students). DGH is particularly important to our participant as it was home to her grandfather and his five brothers and sister in the 1940s.

The ride began on Sunday 16 February 2014, and finished on 22 February 2014. There were 13 riders in total, mainly from the United Kingdom, but also from Australia. Most were ex-students of DGH or relatives of former students and the riders were led by an 80-year-old Anglican priest!

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