Making meaningful connections

Since 2008, we've been working with St. Luke’s Community Centre to make inner-city London a better place for the elderly to live, work, and learn.

Our latest collaboration is called Friends Café. It’s a monthly befriending service where our volunteers chat one-on-one with St. Luke’s older service users (generally 80+) to provide those who are isolated with a much-needed social outlet.

One of our long-standing initiatives is the PC Pals program, working one-on-one to help participants gain confidence in using the computer and navigating the Internet. One such participant, Tom, has been a regular to the program for six years. As well as IT skills, our weekly sessions give Tom company and stimulation, and they also provide a break to his wife Shirley. She’s a full-time caregiver to Tom, whose Alzheimer’s disease is a challenge to both of them.

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