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We believe in good citizenship. Our commitment is focused and sustainable. Through direct involvement with individuals, not-for-profit groups, and non-governmental organizations, we work with our local and global communities to influence change for the better. We are committed to a diverse workforce that is inclusive and welcoming. We acknowledge our responsibility to a sustainable environment and embrace ethical business practices in all that we do.

Good citizenship is one of Hogan Lovells’ core values. It is an essential value that underpins our business practices, endorsed by the Board and International Management Committee. Our Citizenship Panel is made up of senior partners and managers representing all the regions in which we operate, reflecting our ambition to embed Citizenship worldwide.

We aim to be a leading global law firm, not only in the quality of our work, but in the way in which we conduct our business and ourselves in the marketplace. We acknowledge that we have responsibilities to those with whom we engage, including clients, suppliers, staff, community partners, and regulatory bodies. We strive to avoid the negative consequences and to promote positive effects of our business activities on our employees, clients, suppliers, and on the larger communities in which we live and work.

The Citizenship Panel supports and encourages the five Citizenship streams by coordinating action and communication to enhance achievement of our Citizenship goals. The five Citizenship areas are:

Pro Bono. Our pro bono practice draws on the experience of our professionals worldwide to improve the lives of those without access to justice or the means to hire lawyers, and to meet the legal needs of charities and non-profit social enterprises. Providing quality legal services to those most in need and least able to pay is an integral part of being a lawyer.

Diversity. Our success as a global firm depends on our ability to attract and retain the brightest, and to foster a work environment where people of all backgrounds and experiences can reach their full potential, regardless of such factors as race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, and disability

Community Investment. Our Community Investment initiative builds awareness within the firm, and with our clients and other stakeholders, about the local communities in which our firm operates and works. We support and develop projects that focus on issues of poverty and exclusion in our communities. The strength of the firm's community affairs work lies in the excellent relationships we have forged with partnering agencies and local community leaders. This helps us to ensure that our community work is relevant, well executed, and sustainable within the firm's many local communities.

Matched Charitable Giving. As a leading international law firm, we have the worldwide reach and ability to support projects that improve the social conditions for some of the world's poorest people.  

Environment. As a modern global law firm, we acknowledge our responsibility to carry out our business in a sustainable way. Our overall strategy is to minimize our environmental footprint. 


Crispin Rapinet, London
Michael Williams, Washington, D.C.
Nick Cray (Deputy Co-Chair), London
Ari Fitzgerald (Deputy Co-Chair), Washington, D.C.

Citizenship Regional Champions
Matthias Koch, Munich
Francesca Rolla, Milan

Maureen Hanlon, New York
Carol Licko, Miami
, New York

Liang Xu, Beijing
Allan Wardrop, Hong Kong

International Pro Bono Director
Yasmin Waljee OBE, London

Program Managers
Yasmin Waljee OBE, London
T. Clark Weymouth, Washington, D.C. 

Ruth Grant, London
Phyllis Wan, Denver

Yasmin Waljee OBE, London
Elizabeth Halpern, Washington, D.C.
Crispin Rapinet, London

Stephen Propst, Washington, D.C. 
Gill McGreevy, London 


Scott Reisch, Denver
Andrew Taylor, London
, Washington, D.C.

Visit our Citizenship microsite to explore the rich variety of work undertaken by our people in the name of good citizenship around the world. 

Hogan Lovells BaSE is the foundation for building sustainable value for our clients and our stakeholders. Visit our BaSE site to see what BaSE can do for you.