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New Breaking Appellate Litigation

Neal Katyal, Washington, D.C.
Catherine E. Stetson, Washington, D.C.

Hogan Lovells' Appellate practice is currently representing Google in a landmark case (Garcia v. Google Inc.) that is likely to generate repercussions across the entire tech industry and set a precedent for future decisions concerning free speech and copyright infringement. The merits panel in this case has issued a sweeping injunction directing Google and YouTube to take down a film — “Innocence of Muslims” — across all their platforms and prevent it from being uploaded again.

Hogan Lovells' Neal Katyal, Dominic Perella, and Sean Marotta successfully sought en banc rehearing of the case, and Katyal will argue the case before an en banc panel of the Ninth Circuit on December 15, 2014.


Amicus Brief by Netflix, Inc.

Amicus Brief by Internet Law Professors

Amicus Brief by Adobe Systems Inc., et al.

Amicus Brief by Professors of Intellectual Property Law

Amicus Brief by International Documentary Ass'n

Amicus Brief by Floor64 & Organization for Transformative Works


Amicus Brief by California Broadcasters

Amicus Brief by News Organizations

Amicus Brief by Electronic Frontier Foundation, et al.


Response to Petition for Rehearing En Banc


Response to Emergency Motion


Emergency Motion by Garcia


Amicus Brief by Public Citizen Litigation Group


Petition for Rehearing En Banc by Google and YouTube

Supplemental Brief by Garcia

Supplemental Brief by Google and YouTube


Emergency Motion for Stay Pending Disposition of Petition for Rehearing En Banc


Excerpts of Record - Volume 1

Excerpts of Record - Volume 2

Excerpts of Record - Volume 3

Excerpts of Record - Volume 4